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Hello Everyone – You are enrolled for Term Three at HSPA.

Welcome back to our existing students, and welcome to all those who are new to the HSPA family, we are glad to have you with us for Term Three!


Term Dates

Monday July 20th – Friday September 25th  (10 weeks)

14th August  - Trinity Drama and Singing Exam Closing Date

21st August  - DNZM and HSPA Dance Level Tests Closing Date

Sunday 20th – Tuesday 29th Sept - Show rehearsals in the theatre from

Wednesday 30th Sept – Saturday 3rd Oct - Show Performances


What is happening this term?

  • Whole School Production of The Lion, The Witch & the Wardrobe!!
  • Trinity Speech & Drama or Rock & Pop singing Exams to enter.
  • DNZM Dance Exams and HSPA Tap Medal Tests to enter

Lots to keep us occupied!

HSPA Performance Day

It was so great to get back into the Theatre for some community time this last term.

 We held a free Improv Workshop and three separate Showcases across the afternoon.  If you’d told me at the beginning of the term that we would be in the theatre with well over 400 audience members across the day, learning, performing and raising money to support our HSPA Whanau, I would not have believed you.

With the funds raised from the event, we have been able to pay the Term Two fees for three different HSPA families. I’ve so very grateful to everyone for their kindness and for their willingness to get up and share their work after a less than ideal term.  You are all super stars!! (Thanks Sam McMenamin-Coleman for the photo of Tap)

Buying things on the Portal


When you click the “Purchase from the HSPA Store” you will see a range of items available to purchase.  This includes Dance leotards, dance pants, HSPA logo T Shirts and Hoodies and soon we will add in our 2020 Show Hoodies and Ts and digital download of footage of the show.

If you are in a dance class at HSPA this term, you will need your basic outfit as described in the Handbook as a base to your show costume and also for your exam in Term Four.  You will need the correct dance footwear. 

If you are intending to sit a Drama or Singing exam in Term Four, an HSPA T Shirt is a good item to wear in your exam as a neutral base garment.

Whole School Production - The Lion, The Witch & the Wardrobe

All classes of students at HSPA in Term Three, will take part in the show as part of their class.

If your child is not going to be available the final week of the school term and the first week of the Spring school holidays please let us know!  They can still attend classes, but we do need to know not to create costumes for them and charge you for those!

Well done to all who auditioned last term, those who were successful now have extra parts in the show over and above your regular group involvement.  Please see the cast list attached for all Auditioned Cast.

If you have been cast, we will see you at our Read Thru:  Sunday 19th  of July at 4-6pm at the HSPA Rooms.

This should be a fun afternoon for the cast to get to know the story and get all the information for up-coming rehearsals.  Rehearsals begin the following week, from Monday 20th so you need to be at read through to get your information!

If you cannot make it you will need to arrange to collect your rehearsal schedule from Dale by phoning 021899440 or emailing dale@hspa.co.nz

You will also meet your artistic team who will work with you over the term.

  • Carissa Brant as Choreographer
  • Rachel Long as Vocal Coach
  • Caitlin Constable as Assistant Director
  • All led by Kitty Jamison as Director

Parent/Friend Help for Production

We do need help from parents and extended family etc. to help with some jobs across the term in th lead up to the show, and to manage the number of young children in the dressing rooms during the rehearsals and performances held at the theatre. You do not need to be experienced, we tell you exactly what to do, we just need keen, sensible folks.

During the Term:  (No job longer than around 2hrs)

·         Making simple Costume items using fabrics and instructions given by us.

·         Basic Set Building & Painting at some Working Bees with us.

At the Theatre Final week of Term &First week of Holidays:

·         Dressing Room Helpers

·         Stage Crew (Moving set pieces and managing kids in the wings) /Fly Floor (Pulling on ropes)

Please email dale@hspa.co.nz and let her know what you would be able to help with. 

Many hands make light work, plus it is a great way to get involved with your children’s interests!!

We will be in touch as we need you.  Thanks for your support, we couldn’t run these shows without it!

Doing a Whole School Show – We know it’s a challenge.

Thanks in advance for your support of this huge endeavour.  With a predicted cast of well over 200 we know that this show will be a big undertaking.  The logistics are huge.  We have been staging shows in the Town Hall for over 20yrs, but we can never get everything perfect with so many variables.   

There will be emails with key information that you will have to read and make note of.

There will be times when you need to wait for your children to be finished. 

There will be things you forgot to bring to rehearsal or performance. 

There will be stress when they are tired and nervous. 

There will be bouncing off the walls when they are over-tired and excited. 

There will be times when we work differently from the helpers.

But what will be universal is this: We will all, always, be doing our best to manage all of that stuff as well as create an environment and experience for our children to remember and be proud of. 

So - please come to us with questions, but take a moment before you complain.  You and everyone around you will be working towards the goal of a great show, even if it doesn’t look like it always.  There will be times when we all need to take a moment, have a coffee, and remember that we do this for joy.

Dance Medals & Level Tests

All students in dance classes will have the option to enter for their HSPA Tap medal tests or DNZM Jazz, Hip Hop & Contemporary Level tests in Term Four.  Please look out for the specific email about these as you will need to register and make payments in order to take advantage of the opportunity to be tested.  If you do not do this you will not be entered

Trinity College Examinations (November 2019)

We offer Speech & Drama exams to all drama students school year 4 and up and Rock & Pop singing Exams to all private students, the qualification is recognised worldwide and looks excellent on a CV.  Please speak to tutors or Dale for further information or guidance.

Please note:  If your child is new from part way through this year we suggest you wait until next year unless your tutor feels an exam is appropriate.

Drama students Please look out for the emailed information sheet about exams.  You need to fill out the entry form and send it off to Trinity as well as make payment online in order to be entered for these international Exams.

Congratulations to our 2019 Diploma Recipients (Sadly graduation was cancelled this year due to Covid so I have no photo of these amazing humans.)– Joshua Lees, Kyla Forbes-Keen, Samantha Scott, Bex Hughes and our tutor Elliott Andrews who completed his Teacher’s Diploma in Speech & Drama.

Working online – we learned some stuff that we want to keep using!

We enjoyed learning about running online meetings, recording them and sharing online content to our students. Now we are excited to use some of those things to help us manage the process for our production this term.  We know you’ll all be on board with this as we’ve all had to come to grips with this kind of technology and can work with it.

So what will we be doing?

·         A Zoom information session with Dale

In Week two of term (Watch out for email invite!), Dale will host an online meeting where you can ask questions about the show, the rehearsal process – exams, exam entries, anything you like!

·         Choreography/Movement and staging for your numbers on the google drive

We will have our beautiful Choreographer, Carissa create a video of your dance moves for the company number and your own tutors will create videos of your class numbers as you create them in class.  This will be sent to you on email and will be available to be watched any time you like.  Parents can pop them on for their children to practise to.  This means you can practise at home and go over any bit you might have forgotten.

These things should help us to have a smooth set of rehearsals where people feel they know what is going on and can find the info to remind themselves whenever they like.

Let us know what you think!

Performing Arts ‘Winter Camp’

Thanks to our lovely tutors Caitlin Constable, Joshua Lees, Kyla Forbes-Kean, Rachel Long, Rachael McInnes & Caitlin Stevenson who are having loads of fun introducing a whole lot of young performers to some cool musicals across the week.  We are excited to see some of our new Winter Camp friends already signing up for Term Time lessons – we a look forward to seeing you in classes next week!

We are so blessed that our camp is full with Waitlists so we do not have any more spaces unfortunately.

However, we will be running a Summer Camp mid-January so look out for that and get in quick if you want to be part of it 😊

See you in lessons next week!

·         Do you wish to stop taking a class at HSPA this term?

            Please reply to this email to let us know.  Your spot will be held, and you will be charged until you

let us know.  We have wait lists for some classes, so we’d love to know if you are not returning to a

class so we may pass your spot to another student.

·         Do you wish to take any extra classes at HSPA this term?

You can sign up for these on your portal, remember there’s a discount for more than one class!

·         Do you wish to change which day you come to classes at HSPA?

            Please reply to this email – we will see what we can do to help with this.


We are looking forward to teaching you all this term and staging an amazing show with all of your talent on display.


Dale and the HSPA team.

Dale Hartley-Brown,
May 5, 2020, 7:37 PM
Dale Hartley-Brown,
Jul 21, 2020, 2:57 AM