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Welcome to Term Two everybody!

Special welcome to our new students for Term Two

Term Dates

Term Two is 10 weeks from Tuesday 28th April– Friday 3rd of July.

·         Mon 27th  April – ANZAC Day & Mon 1st of June - Queen’s Birthday. No classes these two Mondays.

·         Fri 19th & Sat 20th June – Auditions for Production.

·         Saturday 27th June – Performance Day, Drama, Dance and Song.


Please note:  For Term Two - we will be running virtual lessons at our regular timetable until we are able to return to the classroom.  Links to these will be emailed to you and will also be accessible on your portal with your class details from next week.

Thank You

To my staff and to the students contributing to online content over the final three weeks of our Term One classes.

We know it’s been hard sometimes to get your kids to engage, or to get a decent connection to stream or download stuff.  As a parent myself, I identify strongly with al the struggles online content has presented for our students and as the boss lady I know what a mission it has been ensuring we are reaching everyone and offering consistent information and content to all of our diverse range of classes.

But we did it and we are gearing up to do it for a few more weeks until we can venture back into the classroom and see each other’s smiling faces once again.

Yes, we are going to have some hard times ahead as we manage our finances, re-arrange our show plans on a constantly shifting playing field and ensure that our classrooms are their own special bubbles of positive communication and creativity.

Managing Tuiton fees

We are doing several things to help our students remain in their classes:

·         40% discount for Term Two – essentially, we are trying not to be charging you for any of the online content.  This is not because we have not worked hard to bring you value, but because we know it’s not what you signed up for and also because we know some of you will be doing it tough this next wee while.

·         Payments not requested until mid-term, no late payment fees, pay as you can.

·         Personal arrangements for those who have lost work at this time. Email us if this is you…..

Please believe that having your child in our classes is our blessing.  If you leave a class and plan to return when things are easier for you, that class may not be there for you to return to.  But if you remain and we have a full class list, we will keep all of our classes running no matter what.

I can’t stress this enough:       Your support of our school through this time by continuing to attend classes and encouraging others to do so too, is not about money.  It is about us still being here with classes for my staff to teach and students to inspire.  If we have no students we will not exist – it’s that simple.

Your presence is what will get us all through this time.  If you need to ask for help in order to be here, it is not a burden, it tells us that you value us as much as we value you.

We are wishing to run a performance event to support our families, we will be glad of the chance to help in this way


Auditions for Whole School Production

The Lion, The Witch & the Wardrobe

These will be held later this term –

Fri 19th & Sat 20th June. (Sun 21st if needed)

There will be a dance call on Friday evening for Intermediates & Seniors and on Saturday morning for Juniors. 

Followed by individual or pairs Auditions for singing and acting the rest of Saturday, rolling onto Sunday if necessary.

The production offers plenty of parts for all age levels and we will be implementing an A & B cast if necessary in order to cast all students adequately.

Performance Day

Saturday 27th June 11am, 12.30pm & 2pm.

We will be planning an event to take place the weekend before the school holidays for students to showcase performance pieces that they have not been able to share due to lockdown. 

This will run similarly to our Term Four showcase in 2019.

·         11am - Drama Showcase

·         12.30pm – Singing Showcase

·         2pm - Dance Showcase.

We expect there to be a range of items from across our age levels participating in this event to be held in our Dance Studio.

This will be a free event, but we will be having an optional Gold Coin Koha to go towards an HSPA fund for tuition fees for HSPA students whose families have been affected by Covid 19.

Please note- this event will only occur if level restrictions allow.

Performing Arts Winter Camp

Monday 13th July –Thursday 16th July 10.30am-4pm

We are offering the following event again this year in the second week of the Winter holidays

Four days of classes combining acting, singing & dance for ages 7-13yrs.
Each day consists of three sessions including one each of dance, singing and acting with a lunch break and snack break. Students will get the chance to work with different tutors covering a range of topics like improvised theatre, musical theatre dance and pop singing to name a few. The classes will cover different things each day, so students may opt to attend one day or several. Students will not be expected to have previous experience, tutors will happily work with those who have never performed before as well as extend those with previous experience by grouping students accordingly.
Sessions run Monday-Thursday with a discount price for attending all four days.
Costs are $36 per day 10.30am-4pm (including a lunch break) with a discounted price of $110 for all four days! 

This will be available to book on our portal and current students will get preferential bookings so look out for the alert on this

Drama, Singing and Dance Exams

Due to the timing of our production as well as Covid 19 restrictions, we will not be offering exams in the Term Two or Three timeslot.

Students interested can opt to sit Trinity College Speech & Drama or Pop & Rock Singing exams as well as Dance NZ Made Dance Levels and HSPA Tap Medal Tests in Term Four.  You will receive info in the next school holidays regarding entry for these.  We have had confirmation that Trinity College Drama exams and DNZM Dance exams will go ahead this year with locally based examiners.   Trinity are still to confirm Pop & Rock Exams.

Should any of our Exams be unavailable in 2020, we will opt for ‘In House’ examining to ensure that our exam students continue to get that exam experience and feedback in order to continue to their next levels un hindered in 2021.

Classes will be preparing pieces for use in exams around their work on Production performance pieces.  This will be occurring across Term Two and Three so continued attendance is necessary for those wishing to sit these exams in Term Four.

Mid Term Enrolment options

Due to the nature of this term, having online component and then a face-to-face component we will be allowing folks to sign up Mid-Term when we return to the classroom. 

This is because we have opted not to promote enrolment for term two to the wider community in this level 4 state, but we would like to do so when we see a hint of level 2 on the horizon.  Term Two is typically a growth term for us.

So if you have friends and family keen to join but not sure about it just yet, please let them know this will be an option.

Please Note:  Mid-Term students will pay for half of a term of classes, but this will not be further discounted with the 40% discount.  Only Full Term Two students receive the 40% discount being offered. (This will mean the Mid-Term fee will end up being a similar fee as the full term with the 40% discount, but th eoption may be preferred by some.)

Some classes are currently full, with wait-lists, so mid-term enrolment may not be possible in all classes depending on space availability.

HSPA Online Store.

We had just placed orders for HSPA Ts and Hoodies as well as Dancewear from Paull Wright before lockdown.  None of these items were essential items so our orders will need to wait until after lockdown.  I will be sorting this next week hopefully.  If you have ordered and paid for any items on our portal, rest assured you will get them just as soon as we can get them delivered.

What are we doing in Term Two

All students will begin some prep work on their group Production numbers for our Term Three Whole school show.  (With the exception of Advanced Seniors who will join a complimentary ‘Show Class’ in Term Three to work on group items for the show).

All students get the opportunity to audition for Production at the end of June as listed above.

All classes will also focus on these things:

  • Drama students are focussing on their Speech skills this term, Juniors on introductory topics right through to seniors and advanced seniors focussing on diploma level content. This means some will be working on individual pieces, all will be aiming to improve voice production, vocal modulation, effective speaking, persuasive skills and all classes cover syllabus material for Trinity exams at their level so that they are familiar with it should they choose to enter. 

Plus, pieces learned in class this term can be used for acting auditions later in the term and for performance day as selected by tutors.

  • Dance classes continue to cover syllabus DNZM and United Tap material in preparation for exams as well as polish an item to use in audition and for performance at the end of the term if they did not get to perform last term.
  • Glee & Private singing students will work on items for Performance Day at the end of the term as well as pieces for use in auditions if students should choose to.  A continuation of skills building and topics from the Trinity Pop & Rock Vocal syllabus.

Farewell to Liam

Liam Chessum has enjoyed teaching at HSPA for Term One, but has found his full-time employment and apprenticeship through church have proved too much for him to continue to give his teaching at HSPA his full attention.  It was a tough decision, but an understandable one.

We are very sad to see him go. Liam has been a student at the school for some years and in that time has played several popular leads in our productions.  We know his students will miss him very much, but we know they will love having Joshua Lees as their replacement tutor and will grow to love him just as much as they have loved Liam.

Enrolments for Term Two

If you were already enrolled in Term One and have said nothing to the contrary, you will automatically be enrolled into the same classes again for term two.  As our Ts & Cs explain.

·         Do you wish to join another class? - Please jump into your portal to enrol for any extra classes.

·         Do you wish to stop your classes? Please let us know by replying to this email before term starts.

·         Are you not sure about another class?  Why not take advantage of the big discount this term as an opportunity to try something new for very little cost.  Or opt to sign up for a class Mid-Term when we return to the classroom and only pay a half term’s fee.

Please note: You will have your 40% discount applied automatically to all classes you take from the beginning of this term.  This includes continued classes as well as new classes you sign up for now.

We need you more than ever!

With tough times ahead, we need your help more than ever so we can keep HSPA afloat and populated with amazing children.

If you have a moment to share our facebook page with your friends on facebook, or share the link to HSPA website or registration page with anyone you know who might be interested (Links are in the body of the email this Newsletter came with!) or even just tell them about us and what we do, we’d be very grateful.

We’d love to help you too!

We would also be keen to support local ourselves, please feel free to share your business in our Facebook Group it’s not huge but it has over 300 local and engaged members and I’d happily like and share any I see pop up in there.  I often don’t recall which of my clients has a business and what field it is in, but if I can, I’d really like to engage those businesses over others, so please share, and let’s take care of each other.

Inspirational thought:

Every major event in history is marked and understood by the enduring art that comes from it. 

This is one of those events, and we are those artists……………


We are so glad to have you in our family for another term.      Let’s do this!


Dale Hartley-Brown & the HSPA Team.

Dale Hartley-Brown,
May 5, 2020, 7:37 PM